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Developments in LED lighting are coming at a furious pace. Where the lighting industry formerly rolled out new products at a reasonable pace, the solid-state technology behind LEDs is leading to “product cycles” of as little as 3 months.

Dimming LED sources: what’s working and what still needs fixing was the title of a presentation given at LightFair 2012 by Michael Poplawski (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, unit US DOE) and Ethan Biery of Lutron Electronics.

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  Anatomy of a phase-cut dimmer LED update

WAshington Junior High School Sign

Washington Junior High in Rock Island has a new marquee sign on their front lawn.  A variety of local union craftsmen and contactors helped to make that a reality forthe school, including Tacey Electric.  Workers from Tacey Electric bolted the sign into the brick columns and ran the electrical, donating labor and materials to get the job done.

NECA member contractors care about their community and the people who live, work and play here.  Donating their expertise and materials to local schools is just one of the many ways they pay it forward to help make life better for others. Tacey Electric has been a member of NECA for 42 years and specializes in residential and commercial electrical work.

Lujack Chevy and the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) of the Quad Cities are proud to announce their partnership in bringing the Electric Vehicle (EV) technology to the Quad City area.  With the installation of the first EV charging station installed at Lujack’s Chevy servElectric Vehicle Charger Stationice division by a qualified NECA member contractor, the Quad Cities is driving forward.

NECA and its member electrical contractors are helping to create a safe and accessible charging infrastructure to promote and support use of electric vehicles in the Quad Cities and nationwide.  The SPX EL-50580 Voltec charging station is a Level 2 charging station that supplies electric energy for the recharging of electric vehicles and plug-in-hybrid (electric-gasoline) vehicles.  An average charge takes four hours with a Level 2 EV charger.

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